Our Vision

Our vision is to be the catalyst for trust and credibility in the sustainable finance ecosystem. We envision a future where all participants in the security bond market operate with transparency and accountability, fostering long-term sustainability and positive impact. By bridging the security gap, we aspire to empower issuers and buyers to make informed decisions, driving investments that align with environmental, social, and governance (ESG) principles. Together, we can create a sustainable finance ecosystem that supports a prosperous and resilient future for all.

Our mission is to inspire trust in the sustainable finance ecosystem by addressing the security gap in the security bond market. We are dedicated to creating a transparent and reliable platform that fosters collaboration among issuers, buyers, and other stakeholders. Through our solutions, we aim to build a sustainable finance ecosystem where trust, integrity, and responsible investment are the cornerstones of every transaction.

Our Mission

Fostering Entrepreneurial Success: Our Dedicated Team of Experts from Diverse Backgrounds

“Diversity in all its forms is the path to greatness.” — James D Wilson

Embarking on our entrepreneurship journey, we are committed to revolutionizing the finance experience for businesses in the ESG domain. Our goal is to foster trust in the ESG ecosystem by providing meticulous verification of ESG data, ensuring traceability and transparency. We are a dedicated team of experts from varied backgrounds committed to reinvent the debt security market investment experience by simplifying complexities and empowering our customers to make informed decisions.

We are here to build an environment of trust in the ESG ecosystem by delivering accurate and reliable data and credentials, aligned with the EU Taxonomy, to facilitate sustainable investment decisions. Just like us, our customers are risk-takers who believe in making a difference. With a diverse team of experts from sustainability, financial institutions, data analytics, and user experience, we leverage our collective skills and multicultural perspective to offer a mature and comprehensive ESG solution.


Aishwarya Maurya

CEO & Founder

Aishwarya Maurya has nearly two decades of experience in Debt capital markets, working with key Irish and Global financial intuitions. He has represented and led key ESG initiatives globally for BNY Mellon and have worked closely with Irish and Global industry stakeholders in ESG segment, including G20 and Irish Ministry of Finance. Aishwarya holds MSc. In Quantitative Finance from Smurfit School Of Business.

Anna Kuzma


Anna Kuzma has nearly two decade of experience in Technology and Sales space, including senior positions in Symantec, Amazon Web Services, where her focus was around startup ecosystem in Ireland. She has served as mentor to AWS Get IT program geared towards female technologists. She has also founded AWS Startup Loft Dublin.

Larry Miller

Board member

Larry is a senior legal executive with deep experience in the development of new products in financial services harnessing the unique capabilities of distributed ledger technologies. He is a consulting law practice focusing on digital assets, distributed ledger technology (DLT) deployments, innovation and intellectual property. He has performed leading roles in multiple dimensions of development of digital assets and financial market infrastructure.

Our Address

26 Belarmine Place, Step Aside, Dublin, D18YF76, Ireland